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Who We Are

The Catholic presence in our area goes back to 1942 when Bishop Duane G. Hunt invited the Paulist Fathers to move their ministry north from the Uinta Basin to Davis County.  The Paulists established St. Olaf’s parish in Bountiful.  From there, they extended their mission northward toward Ogden.  They held Masses in trailers and at various sites in and around Layton.

After the end of the Second World War, the population of the Layton-Clearfield area was more than large enough to support a permanent parish.  In 1946, while traveling to the Dedication of St. Benedict’s hospital in Ogden, Bishop Hunt stopped to approve the property on 85 Church Street, in Layton.  The ground breaking was held on March 24, 1947.

During the next nine months, the building site was rarely vacant.  Under the direction of Father James McLean, the people of St. Rose donated their time and talents to the project.  On January 11, 1948, Bishop Hunt celebrated the Mass in the new church.  Three months later, on April 11, 1948, the church was officially dedicated.  The parishioners’ efforts had raised a visible symbol of the Catholic faith in the heart of Layton.

The parish never stopped growing and as Catholic families moved to Utah to serve at Hill Air Force Base, they found a community of faith at Saint Rose of Lima.  Through the efforts of groups such as Missionary Sisters of Victory Knoll, the Guild of St. Paul, and the Junior Legion of Mary the members of the parish grew in faith and new members and converts joined the community.  In order to provide more room for parish activities, a warehouse adjacent to the church was purchased in 1960 and later remodeled as a social hall and as the parish grew it was used as a social hall and chapel for Masses. 

By the end of the decade, in 1969, Saint Rose of Lima parish dedicated the Education Center north of Layton High School.  It served as a released-time facility for high school students, an Education Center and a community Outreach Center.

Through the 1980’s the parish roll swelled as more families joined the community of Saint Rose of Lima.  In 1986, the parish purchased six acres and a house located between Chapel and Whitesides streets in Layton.  With the property secured, it was time to plan for the construction of a new church.

In 1988, the first Building Fund Campaign was launched with the efforts of Dennis Hennessy as Chairman.  Under the guidance of the Building Committee, the drive eventually raised over eight hundred thousand dollars.  In January 1989, Saint Rose of Lima became a diocesan parish and bid the Paulist Fathers farewell.  Father Victor G. Bonnell moved from Salt Lake City to Layton to assume the duties of Pastor.

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