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Liturgy Preparation Team

If we think of Sunday Mass as a sacred drama with two or three acts, several scenes, numerous props and a cast composed of presider, deacon, assembly, servers, lectors, eucharstic ministers, hospitality ministers and a choir, it is easy to see the reason for having a liturgy preparation team.   Someone has to plan and put all this in accordance with the church’s norms and the people’s needs.  This team exists principally to enhance the living experience of the people of God as they come together in yearning to sustain the vision of a kingdom come in Jesus Christ. 

The goal of this team is help the parish prepare for liturgical seasons and special celebrations.  Each team member prayerfully contemplates the scriptures from each season, pulling out key themes on which to focus our attention.  Church decorations, special events and prayer services, liturgical experiences and rituals are planned according to the Scriptural themes. 

For more information or interesting in serving in this ministry, please call the parish office at  801-544-4269.


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