Our mission is to welcome and share our love and caring with those who been away from the Catholic Church by giving them an opportunity to express their concerns, and by showing our understanding.  We also refresh their memories of the sacraments and explain more fully what they mean.  Our true mission is the embracing of all in welcome, fellowship, and love.

Catholics Returning Home

There are many different reasons why one might leave: a hurt experienced in or by the Church or one of its members, changing family situations that made Mass difficult or uncomfortable, changes in the Church that didn’t make sense to you, moving from one community to another and never really feeling at home.

Whatever your reason for leaving, we are so happy that you are considering coming home again!  We welcome you and will do our best to assist you in making a comfortable transition.

If you want to come back but have unresolved issues or feelings, you will have a listening ear, empathy, a chance to begin feeling reconciled with the Church.  Please call Fr. Clarence or Rosa Barjo at 801-544-4269.