How does one become a Catholic?

To begin the process of the Rite of Christian  Initiation, you may contact the parish office at 801-544-4269 or email: church@stroseut.org and speak or send a message to Fr. Clarence

Who may become a Catholic?

Any person who was never baptized and who thinks that they might like to become Catholic and anyone who was baptized in another Christian tradition may come into the process to make further inquirers and become a fully initiated Catholics.

If I or my spouse was married before and divorced, can I become a Catholic?

Oftentimes, our inquirers come to us with this concern but most of the time; marriage issues can be dealt with rather quickly and will not delay the RCIA process too much.  Since the RCIA process should not be rushed through and is not on a school-year schedule, it is not a problem even if there is a delay.  We have Fr. Clarence or deacons who will help you get through an annulment or marriage convalidation with great sensitivity and care.  If there is a situation with a former marriage, it is worth the effort and should not stop you from inquiring about becoming Catholic.  Any attention needed to this previous marriage may well be handled during your period of inquiry.

What is involved in becoming Catholic?

The Catholic Church has a rite called the Rite of Christian of (RCIA).  This Rite is the Church’s process to form new Catholics, 7 years of age or older.  The heart of RCIA is the stage known as the Catechumenate.  Each person is given the time needed to notice actual conversion – that is, taking on the mind of Jesus Christ, making choices in keeping with His values and developing a deep desire to become Catholic.  This often happens after participating in several Liturgical Seasons and many weekly catechetical sessions, prayer experiences, and opportunities for service and community building.  The duration may be anywhere from several months, to one, two or three years.

Who are the persons leading the process?

Here, at St. Rose of Lima, we have a team of seasoned parishioners from different age groups, backgrounds, and experiences of Church.  Each member continues their own formation in faith, so that they may better serve the Inquirers, Candidates, and Catechumens, along with sponsors, godparents and members of the Parish Community.  We are all learning together, as each person has something to share and to teach, whether on the team or as a participant.  Our team members serve the Catechumenate with a full heart, and a desire to share what has been so enriching for their own lives.